Sheba Canada: Returning to Life Gala

During what was a remarkable evening of networking and entertainment, the Sheba Canada Returning to Life Gala raised funds for a nation in trauma.

The evening of May 16th marked the Sheba Canada Returning to Life Gala. Taking place at Toronto’s prestigious Windsor Arms Hotel, the event featured an array of notable guests including the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honorable Stephen J. Harper, who was a speaker at the event and Celebrated Television Anchor and Host Ben Mulroney, served as the evening’s emcee.

Also in attendance was Sheba’s VP of Global Affairs, Yoel Har-Even, Medical Director at Sheba’s Lung Transplant Program Dr. Liran Levy, as well as Mendel, Gaya and Shilo, three soldiers who were injured while fighting in Gaza and rehabilitated at Sheba’s ‘Returning to Life’ unit.

On this special evening we raised funds for Sheba’s Eucalyptus Forest project. Set to be located within a tranquil eucalyptus forest on the grounds of Sheba, this sanctuary encompasses 1.7 acres, meticulously crafted to provide a holistic therapeutic experience for individuals impacted by psychological trauma.

Since October 7th, there has been a notable increase in psychological distress within the Israeli populace. The Eucalyptus Forest will assist them on their path towards mental recovery and a happier life. It will offer spaces conducive to physical exercise, opportunities for social interaction and support, as well as tranquil zones designed to foster a calming atmosphere conducive to stress reduction.

We would like to extend our greatest appreciation to our event sponsor for 3 years in a row Charlotte and Lewis Steinberg and Families. Their dedication made this beautiful evening possible. They also made a special commitment to – woman maternal mental health center.
A special thank you is further owed to all of our supporters. It is your friendship and support that enables us to accomplish our initiatives and spread health and hope without boundaries.