Taking Action When It Matters Most:

Rehabilitation Hospital Expansion Project

The Need

On October 7th, over 2,000 Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, proceeding to kill and maim thousands of civilians. The brutal attack, which was followed by weeks of fighting, resulted in an unprecedented strain on Israel’s healthcare system, including its cornerstone: Sheba Medical Center.
This is particularly true for the focal point of acute care efforts, Sheba’s Intensive Care Unit and Rehabilitation Hospital, which are both fighting to continue and provide high-quality care.

The Project

Committed to supporting the people of Israel in their most dire time of need, the Canadian Friends of Sheba are stepping up on two crucial fronts to help address the immediate and long-term medical needs created following the attack:

Rehabilitation Capacity Expansion

Aiming to help significantly increase the capacity of Sheba’s Rehabilitation Hospital and ensure continuous care to those embarking on the challenging journey to recovery, we are looking to fund the purchase of hydrotherapy underwater treadmills, reclining wheelchairs, Felco walkers, a therapeutic balance strengthening treadmill, lightweight collapsible wheelchairs, a multi-trainer, and additional essential medical equipment.

Sheba’s Role

Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s City of Health, is the country’s largest, most comprehensive healthcare facility. Since its inception, Sheba has shouldered the national responsibility of promoting and developing the Israeli healthcare system, serving as the country’s national rehabilitation center and a leading tertiary referral facility. As in other times of crises, Sheba is currently leading Israel’s healthcare response.


Why Sheba?

The Canadian Friends of Sheba Medical Center is a registered charity based in Toronto committed to supporting the vital work of Sheba Medical Center, a global healthcare leader and the largest, most comprehensive hospital in Israel as well as the Middle East.

In addition to raising awareness and philanthropic support for Sheba’s humanitarian initiatives, compassionate care, cutting-edge research, and medical education activities, we are proud to serve as the medical center’s Canadian ambassador, helping foster collaborations that serve the people of Canada, Israel, and the world.

It has been a privilege to contribute to Sheba’s transformative global efforts, and with your help, we will continue doing so for the benefit of patients everywhere.

Whether helping those most in need or advancing healthcare globally:
when you support Sheba, you are making a difference.