MSR-Azrieli Medical Simulation Center:

Revolutionizing Medical Education & Training

The Need

Medical errors are one of the leading causes of death – next only to cancer and heart disease. This is primarily due to competency gaps – clinical, procedural, interpersonal communication, and teamwork skills.

Simulation-based training is a powerful tool and effective means to help prevent errors and enhance the quality and safety of medical care by improving the preparedness and competence of health professionals to perform their clinical and interpersonal duties.

About MSR

The MSR-Azrieli Medical Simulation Center is a recognized global leader in simulation-based medical education, revolutionizing how physicians and allied health personnel are trained.

Employing advanced simulation-based training modalities that include sophisticated robotics, surgical simulators, and role-playing actors, MSR helps medical professionals improve clinical and communication skills across the healthcare spectrum effectively, promoting a safer, patient-centered approach to care without placing patients at risk.


Building on MSR’s expertise, leadership, and experience, we aim to
construct a new 6,000 sqm state-of-the-art simulation center.

The new MSR-Azrieli building will be the gate to Sheba Medical Center’s Academic campus, a center of excellence aiming to enhance life-long
learning skills and competencies. Catering to the constantly expanding
needs of the Israeli healthcare system, the new facility will help advance research as well as training on rapidly changing technologies and medical devices while also facilitating the development and use of new and innovative training methods such as XR (Extended Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality).

Thanks to the generous support of the Azrieli family, Sheba is now able to purchase the cutting-edge equipment needed to operate the MSR-Azrieli Medical Simulation Center.

On behalf of the Canadian Friends of Sheba, we salute them for helping Sheba revolutionize medical education and training.