Redesigning Women’s Health Care

The Women’s Health Innovation Center
In 2020, Sheba launched the world’s first Women’s Health Innovation Center, directed by Dr. Avi Tsur. The new center is a collaborative effort of ARC, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and The Gertner Institute for Epidemiology and Health Policy Research. Dr. Tsur will discuss with the American Friends of Sheba three major innovation themes the center is leading:

Artificial Intelligence – AI is transforming women’s healthcare. Dr. Tsur will chat with us about BirthAI, the Women’s Health Innovation Center platform for sharing its discoveries both with care providers and directly with women in Israel and worldwide. We will also hear how the Center is collaborating with leading American medical centers such as Stanford, UCSF, University of Texas and others in externally validating these findings.
Telemedicine and Remote care Dr. Tsur will share Sheba’s experience with remotely following pregnant women infected with Covid-19 and their fetuses. Furthermore, we will have the opportunity to learn about Sheba’s initiative to allow remote pregnancy surveillance including remote fetal US and monitoring for women at their home! We also hope to learn how collaboration between the Women’s Health Innovation Center and the IDF has led to personally tailored contraception counseling for soldiers located in remote posts.

Precision Medicine – We will learn how precision medicine is needed in all aspects of women’s health care – IVF and fertility treatment, Gynecologic oncology, and Dr. Tsur’s long term goal of Maternal-Fetal Precision Medicine. We will learn how Maternal-Fetal Precision Medicine is the only hope of introducing new medications for prevention and management of the major pregnancy complications.

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