Sheba Virtual Event: The Human Brain

Meet the woman who hopes to change how the world treats alzheimer’s disease
Prof. Michal Beeri has a lot of brains. But that is more than just a compliment; it’s a fact.

Prof. Beeri is Director of The Joseph Sagol Neuroscience Center at Israel’s Sheba Medical Center, home to the nation’s first brain bank.

If you or a loved one is touched by Alzheimer’s disease, don’t miss the opportunity to hear directly from Prof. Beeri during this exclusive Feb. 21 webinar.

Comprised of 30-staff members, the Center serves as a multidisciplinary entity that brings together scientists and clinical researchers. It works closely with researchers in the Diagnostic Imaging, Psychiatry, Neurology, Lipids and Ophthalmology Departments at Sheba in addition to the Medical Center’s Advanced Technology Center and Center for Advanced Technologies in Rehabilitation.

Through this work, Sheba aims to capitalize on its innovative capabilities, so an improvement in Alzheimer disease treatment can be seen. This can be achieved through the following means:

  • Grants that fund pilots of new technologies
  • Collaborations with start-ups and academic researchers

During the past few years, more start-ups have begun working with Prof. Beeri to explore ways that big data and artificial intelligence can inform diagnosis as well as the treatment of Alzheimer’s. Those start-ups include:

    Focuses on developing a tool for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers in the eye.
    Provides healthcare professionals with data-driven insights to more effectively manage cognitive-driven care.
  • ARC
    These groundbreaking efforts are made possible by the ARC Innovation Center at Sheba Medical Center. ARC stands for Accelerate, Redesign and Collaborate and gives Israeli digital healthcare start-ups the opportunity to collaborate with the hospital’s expert physicians to pinpoint unfulfilled clinical needs and develop effective solutions.

Whether helping those most in need or advancing healthcare globally:
when you support Sheba, you are making a difference.