Sheba Medical Center:

Daryl’s Inspiration
A medical oncologist from Toronto, Canada, Daryl Roitman, learned about the medical center by a happy accident. A good friend introduced him to Einat Enbar, the Canadian Friends of Sheba Executive Director.

After only a short conversation, Daryl decided he not only wanted to get involved, but also joined an upcoming mission to Israel.

“That’s how I got to know Sheba: first-hand, on the ground, in Israel.”

These days, we are proud to share that Daryl, who already visited Sheba numerous times and plays a key role in all our efforts, serves as the Canadian Friends of Sheba Chairman.

Back then, during his first visit to the medical center, a major draw was Sheba’s global impact: making a difference not just in Israel, but worldwide through humanitarian aid, research, and innovation.

While this initial motivation still remains, Daryl emphasizes that he is also inspired by personal stories about Sheba, and in particular that of Idan Goldberger, who was wounded while serving in the IDF and treated at Sheba.

“We held a gala in Toronto about a month ago and invited a Sheba delegation to join us. They brought with them an IDF veteran, Idan, and he told us how he was severely wounded in combat, really devastated by his injuries, and, I believe, spent close to 18 months in rehab at Sheba. These days, he’s living an ordinary life, married with a son. Everybody in the room felt moved by the story of this young soldier who was gravely injured by a bullet that hit his jaw. He shared with us how his life was brought back to him, and not only that, but how he’s now giving back to Sheba. He has come full circle from being a patient, going through rehab, and now working as an ambassador for Sheba in Australia.”


Why Sheba?

The Canadian Friends of Sheba Medical Center is a registered charity based in Toronto committed to supporting the vital work of Sheba Medical Center, a global healthcare leader and the largest, most comprehensive hospital in Israel as well as the Middle East.

In addition to raising awareness and philanthropic support for Sheba’s humanitarian initiatives, compassionate care, cutting-edge research, and medical education activities, we are proud to serve as the medical center’s Canadian ambassador, helping foster collaborations that serve the people of Canada, Israel, and the world.

It has been a privilege to contribute to Sheba’s transformative global efforts, and with your help, we will continue doing so for the benefit of patients everywhere.

Whether helping those most in need or advancing healthcare globally:
when you support Sheba, you are making a difference.