Building Bridges:

Rosalie Steinberg’s Take on Sheba’s Global Mission
A psychiatrist based in Toronto, Canada, Rosalie’s involvement with Sheba grew through her marriage to Dr. Daryl Roitman, the Chairman of the Canadian Friends of Sheba. With a touch of humor, she states, “ I married into Sheba,” highlighting a deeply personal connection to the medical center’s mission.

Rosalie’s first experience at Sheba left a lasting impact. “My impression of Sheba is that it is a very nimble and innovative organization that is not afraid to try and fail, and I think that in the West, we always talk about how we want to be perfect before we make a move, make a jump. Here in Israel, and at Sheba in particular – they try, try, and sometimes fail, then try again, and it’s okay because, at one point, you’ll get to the solution. I think that’s where the spark of innovation comes from- there is no fear to try and no fear of failing.”

Beyond its innovative spirit, Sheba’s global and inclusive mission deeply resonated with Rosalie. “For me, one of the things I love most about Sheba is that in a world where we’re so divided by political opinion, nationality, and religious belief, healthcare, and Sheba in particular, serves as a bridge that connects the divides- so people from all walks of life, every ethnicity, and religion are served and supported regardless of where they come from and their beliefs.”

In addition to the more practical aspects, Rosalie emphasizes the broader significance of Sheba’s work. “For me, hope without boundaries means that it is limitless, with endless possibilities, which is both aspirational and inspirational. It’s inspiring as to what we hope to achieve, but also aspirational because there’s still a lot to do, and we can spend the rest of our lives developing and sustaining hope without borders and boundaries. I don’t know any other hospital in the world that does what Sheba does, which is to expand its mission of sustaining life outside of its national borders.”

At the Canadian Friends of Sheba, we are immensely grateful for Rosalie’s support and enthusiasm. Her dedication to Sheba’s cause plays a crucial role in our ongoing mission to transcend borders in healthcare, bringing hope and healing to people worldwide.


Why Sheba?

The Canadian Friends of Sheba Medical Center is a registered charity based in Toronto committed to supporting the vital work of Sheba Medical Center, a global healthcare leader and the largest, most comprehensive hospital in Israel as well as the Middle East.

In addition to raising awareness and philanthropic support for Sheba’s humanitarian initiatives, compassionate care, cutting-edge research, and medical education activities, we are proud to serve as the medical center’s Canadian ambassador, helping foster collaborations that serve the people of Canada, Israel, and the world.

It has been a privilege to contribute to Sheba’s transformative global efforts, and with your help, we will continue doing so for the benefit of patients everywhere.

Whether helping those most in need or advancing healthcare globally:
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